The Solution

We’re on high alert every day watching for the arrival of new scams and the resurgence of old ones. Our mission is save our clients money and to put criminals out of business by exposing their tactics and cutting off their revenue stream.

Detection Diagnostic

  • Vendor Check:  This is a comparison between your company’s vendor list and our PhonyInvoices database of known scams. This will bring to light any scams that have made it into your Accounts Payable system.  Once a scammer is inside the system, they will almost certainly re-invoice to continue to exploit the oversight.  Back-Testing is the best way to uproot them!
  • Controls-Test:  For this service, we do a penetration test on your internal controls.  We take real world scam tactics replicate them, and then employ them against your company.  We will start invoicing you with general phonies, escalating to more targeted and focused attempts.  At some point we may pose as one of your current vendors.  This will give us valuable insight into the security of your current Accounts Payable processes.  Of course it also goes without saying, if you are duped into paying a phony invoice, we will VOID the check and return it to you within 7 business days.
  • Diagnostic Report Card:  At the end of the period, you will get a report card based on the findings of the Back-Test and Controls-Test.  We will disclose and discuss the various attempts and outcomes of our Diagnostic.  We will make tailor made recommendations as to how to proceed with maximum protection.

On-Going Prevention

  • As Needed Alert Notification:  Our ScamWatch Team will notify you as needed when new scams and techniques are discovered.
  • News and Community:  You will be added to the PhonyInvoices Protection Network.  This is a continuously growing forum for all of our customers to learn and share what they are discovering in regards to invoice scams.  It will also be the platform for you to receive our Newsletters, to keep your company up-to-date in regards to invoice scams.
  • Staff Training and Continuous Feedback:  We will spend time meeting and training your Accounting and Accounts Payable staff to identify common invoice scams and to discuss any helpful feedback gained from the Detection Diagnostic.
  • On Demand Vendor Verification:  We will cross check any new vendor you engage against our continually growing database of known scams.  This will help you rest easy as you add vendors and carry on with business as usual.
  • Invoice sample We will give you base of invoice samples
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