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The primary focus of a small to mid-sized business is most often going to be: Growth.  They are trying to increase revenue while lowering costs.  Small businesses are juggling between building a team, hiring the right talent, personally tending to existing customers, while building and investing in new relationships.  They have to keep one eye on the product, and one eye on the competition.  Who has the time and energy to scrutinize EVERY invoice that comes through?

If you are a small to mid-sized business, and you want some extra help protecting against fake invoice scans, we can help!   With our customized PhonyVendorCheck Toolkit, as well as FREE Alert Notifications, you can stay ahead of the game.


What is the PhonyVendorCheck Toolkit?

It is the most convenient way for us to scan your accounts payable for any suspicious scam activity.  The toolkit gives you access to our database of known invoice scams.  It is the most robust and comprehensive database of its kind, there is currently no other one like it!  There are several organizations that have bits and pieces of this information (BBB, FTC, State Attorneys General, etc.) but no one has put forth a concerted effort to gather, centralize, and continually update this data for the purposes of vendor/payment verification.

We scour thousands of data points EVERY week, to ensure we have the most up-to-date information on active and emerging scams.  If you haven’t already made the connection, our product is very much like the anti-virus solution to personal computing.  Anti-virus users install a piece of software that is continually updated to check for any and all known viruses.  Instead of anti-virus, our focus is anti-scam, and instead of protecting a personal computer, we are protecting your entire accounts payable!

PhonyVendorCheck has full-service and self-service options.

1.)    Self-Service is a secure website made available for you to run the vendor scan on your own, at your convenience.  You upload your vendor list, and we compare it against our database of known scams.  At the end of each scan, we’ll deliver to you a ranked, color-coded results list.  We recommend running the scan regularly as well as when you are about to add a group of new vendors or make a batch of new payments.

2.)    QuickBooks App Add-On – (Final Stages of Intuit Review, estimated release date November 2013.) Through the use of the Intuit Partner Platform, we have developed our own PhonyVendorCheck QuickBooks App.  If you are an existing QuickBooks user, the vendor scan just got that much easier!  You already have all of your vendor and payment information stored on QuickBooks.  All you have to do is enable the PhonyVendorCheck QuickBooks Add-On through the App Center, authorize us, and we’ll take it from there!


What are our FREE Alert Notifications?

Criminals are getting rich on phony invoice schemes and it’s not by being dumb or complacent. They are constantly switching up their methods, making them a moving target. Our email alert system is designed to keep your key staff up-to-date with the latest scams. As new scams are discovered, you’ll receive detailed information about how to spot the scam and avoid becoming a victim. Let us help protect your organization. Take advantage of the PhonyInvoices alert system by signing up below to receive our e-newsletter and invoice scam alerts.


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Eliminating invoice scams can really be this simple!



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