QuickBooks Connect 2014 Conference Recap

QuickBooks Connect was a total blur of activity. We were joined by 4100+ attendees – QuickBooks developers, ProAdvisors, accountants and small businesses – for a day and a half at the San Jose Convention Center. PhonyVendorCheck for QuickBooks was there as an Exhibition Sponsor, showcasing our brand new SaaS on the Intuit App Center. During the conference, we had the opportunity to “connect” with other app developers, introduce our product to the ProAdvisor community, and hear from some incredible speakers – Magic Johnson, Martha Stewart and Arianna Huffington, just to name a few! All in all, it was a fantastic experience.

Conference Takeaways:

  • Intuit Developers and Developer Relations were out in force. It was so good to see the Intuit Team working hard to build an App Center and App Community that is both supportive and accessible.
  • There Is An App For Everything. Really, just take a brief tour around the exhibition floor and it’s amazing how diverse and creative App Developers have been at solving real world problems. Everything from time-card tracking, expense report tracking, inventory management, accounts receivable monitoring…and of course, invoice scam detection and prevention!
  • Phony Invoice Scams Are Alive and Well. The vast majority of people we talked to had run into the exact types of scams we are working so hard to stop. Many were excited to see a product on the App Center designed for just this task.
  • Sometimes Less Really is More. Exhibitors weren’t allowed to bring their usual signage and sometimes over-the-top booth decor. We each had standard signs with our company logo, a monitor for demo purposes, a table and two chairs. That’s it! At the end of the day, however, that uniformity forced us to communicate effectively – more with less!
  • ProAdvisors…know how to party! These guys might be all numbers and order for work, but when it’s time to play?…they were having a ton of fun!


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