Maximize Budgets and Minimize Waste With Invoice Fraud Protection

PhonyInvoices fraud protection services for government help maximize budgets and strengthen security by preventing fraud. As the first of its kind to provide testing services for internal controls, PhonyInvoices offers several benefits uniquely designed for government programs and operations to help cut inappropriate spending of taxpayer dollars.

Government Responsibility – Taxpayers rely on the government to avoid waste, fraud and abuse in order to assure that their dollars are maximized. Although it may be difficult to closely monitor all spending within large government agency jurisdictions, political incentive to cut waste emerges in practicing positive public relations and actively solving taxpayer issues. Government responsibility to fight fraud is strategic to government public relations and exists to benefit all society.

Tax Payer Savings – The Government Accountability Office estimates that $115.3 billion was lost in improper payments in fiscal year 2011. By identifying sources of waste and fraud, taxpayers save money and benefits are appropriated to entitled individuals only.

Vendor Security – As accounting procedures vary across county, city and state levels, it is difficult to implement effective processes to ensure proper payments without a service like blank invoice. By educating government agents on proper vendor validation processes, the integrity of vendor relationships is strengthened and maintained.

Offset Abuse of Government Subsidies – With such an expansive list of government programs and subsidies, many opportunities exist for individuals to abuse government handouts. By testing the internal controls of federal agencies and educating government employees on the full significance and scope of the phony invoices problem, the government has the necessary armor to combat criminals who pilfer subsidy programs.

Enhance Program Efficiency – Solving taxpayer issues and minimizing fraud does not have to come at a costly expenditure. By outsourcing fraud protection services, you avoid the need for extensive bureaucratic methods that require scrupulous enforcement and program-specific application.

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