Financial Institutions

Financial Institutions – Customized API

Financial Institutions have the greatest potential in protecting their customers from invoice scams.  Billions of business transactions are made every single day, and almost every single one of these transactions (check, ACH, credit card, pre-paid card, etc.) is processed through various financial institutions.  PhonyInvoices has created a customizable API, so that our database can be made accessible to these companies.  We are actively looking to make strategic partners, whether that is:

  • A Credit Card company that wants to provide its customers an “Invoice Scam Protection” value add by verifying each transaction
  • A Commercial Bank that wants to insure its customers aren’t cutting checks to scammers
  • An Acquiring Bank looking to verify onboarding new merchants
  • Cash receipt

These are just a few ideas of how our Database of Known Scams can be used to provide strategic value AND stamp out invoice scams.  Please contact us at to begin exploring a possible partnership.



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